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Pissed The Real Cannonball ~ World's Most Extreme Motor-Scooter Endurance Race

Stan, Great blog! Thanx in large part to you, your unwavering support of MSILSF, and your Helix, The Great Race is ON! The monetary prize for 1st Place Overall is US$1,000.00. There is an additional US$1,000.00 prize money to be divided up among the 1st Place winners of each Class. A US$500.00 prize has been posted for the 1st Place winner of Class II (101cc to 175cc). MSILSF is awarding trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in each Class. Bill Murar of fame is directing the motorcycle component, known as The Real Cannonball Tiddler Division. I do not know if monetary prizes are being awarded. Trophies only I believe. As you know from having collected so many, MSILSF Extreme Endurance Racing trophies are second to none! The small cadre of Wanna-Bee Walter(s) who criticized and boycotted this event, using as their excuse righteous indignation of our use of the word "Real", are true wankers. They'll run their pajama party in 2014, pretending they're racing, and blow smoke up each other's exhaust pipe. They were offered the opportunity to race. No guts, no glory! We [MSILSF], on the other hand, need make no further apologies to a certain forum owner and his ilk for our racing WFO from Manhattan, NY, to Redondo Beach, CA. God Speed!
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