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Have been following this thread with interest, this looks like a pretty cool new bike I must say and the price is right!! I'd love to take one for a spin, seems to be winning a few wa locals hearts! If its as smooth as everyone says, that will make for comfortable touring, nothing worse than a loud vibrating thumper on the tarmac. I wouldn't be too concerned about the 190mm suspension travel, my 990 has only 200mm each end and it went down the power line track last weekend with ease. Only place it was of concern was the deep woops. The Tenere I used to own had only 210 from memory and that was piloted down the canning stock route reasonably successfully. It's all about line selection, and clearance under the bash plate (which this bike looks to have). Its not an enduro bike but you dont need an enduro bike for cross country travel. If safari bring out a big tank it'll only increase interest in this bike by adv riders including me, as 650cc and 25 litres, with an option of carrying more in the panniers makes it a long rang (ie CSR) and remote region prospect, as well as giving it proper radiator protection. My 990 with the standard tanks doesn't have the range, and with the big tank makes it too unwieldy for the dune country. My 500 doesn't have the carrying capacity or long service interval. It's great the world is going to fuel injection, so much more economical. Now I that i own two fuel injected bikes I'd find it hard to go back. That large back fender extender would have to be turfed....saw that alternate in the thumpers thread for the TR offered by R&G that looked much better.

Concerns - air box position and paper filter, but someone will solve that I'm sure.

My 2c.....
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