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Help Needed:1150 lost headlight, turnsignals, lights in tach and speedo

For the last week or so my turn signals have been acting oddly in that they flash quickly as if a bulb is out, only both front and rear are fine. Sometimes one would flash normally and one would flash quickly, but most of the time they have both flashed quickly.

Today on the way in to work (5:30 AM) , I noticed I couldn't see my speedo or my tach. The lights on the RID are fine, the dash lights work fine (high beam, neutral, etc). As I was riding I could see the red light on the hazard flasher button flickering on and off. It was then I noticed I had no headlamp either. Once I got off the slab, I could see the headlamp flickering on and off as I rode.

When I got out of work I checked the fuses and they are all fine. I have no idea if turn signals, headlamp, and lights on the tach and speedo are on the same fuse or not. As I was mucking about with the saddle off, a coworker came over and watched me. I started the bike and the headlamp and turn signals were working fine, but the flashers were flashing quickly. I hit the high beam button and suddenly they started working normally. But after I started the bike and let it run for a few moments I lost my headlamp and turn signals compelely. I tried turning the bars, bouncing the bike, wiggling all the wiring I could see and nothing happened. On the way home I could see my hazard flasher button flickering again but by the time I reached home I had no lights again and this time nothing I did would make them return.

Any ideas?
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