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Not my ticket

Thursday night I had to drop some clothes off for my son at swim practice so that he could spend the night with a friend. It was nice (first time in a while) so I hopped on the Bonnie.
There is a traffic light for the entrance to a corporate facility very near the high school where he was swimming. This light only cycles red, yellow, green from 6 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 6 in the afternoon; the rest of the time it's blinking.
Since it was after 7 in the evening I was surprised to see this light red. As I approached, the lone car waiting at the light took off. After I stopped and ended up waiting an extraordinarily long time without the light going green, I realized it was malfunctioning and proceeded through.
I pulled in the parking lot, drove to the end closest to the school, waved at a couple of moms having a chat by their car and stopped the bike next to a pedestrian gap in the fence separating the lot from the drive way in front of the pool entrance. As I got off, I noticed the mom who would be taking my son home parked next to the door, so I got back on the bike (figured I just pull through the gap and hand her the clothes).
Before I hit start, an old guy in a Grand Marquis pulls up and stops with his driver side door next to me (he came way too fast and way too close). In a voice that reminded me of one the Lollipop Kids he starts bitching at me about ignoring red lights and dropped at least one F bomb. I considered responding but decided against it, hit start and pulled through the gap and parked by the previously mentioned mom, gave her the clothes and decided to watch a few minutes of practice. When I came out, there was a cop car pulled up behind the old nut bag and a cop standing at his window. When I walk out, the old guy starts shouting (screeching might be a better description) at me. "Get over here, tell him you ran that light."
The cop looked at me for about 2 seconds and turned back to the old leprechaun, so I pulled on my bucket, started up and pulled away.
When I picked my son up on Friday, I found out from the mom that the cop wrote the guy a ticket for running a red light and the guy pitched a fit. I'm guessing the guy saw me run the light and without waiting around long enough to see that the light was malfunctioning, in righteous indignation drove through the light to chase me down and serve up some justice. I'm also guessing the cop was likewise unaware of the malfunction and saw the guy run the light.
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