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Originally Posted by Mi Vale Madre View Post
thanks for the kind words ceebee and ever one else. was a great ride and outstand company.looking forward to next time. BURT
I've got a wedding in Wyoming to attend, no Mazatlan Bike week for me....thanks for this ride.....

Originally Posted by Sleddog View Post
Great Ride Report Guys! Always fun to read others experiences in the Canyons!

I was the last guy in line with the Minnesota Group!

You Should A told me about the guy laying in the road around the corner! SCARED t-h-e Hell outa me! At least when he moved, I knew he was alive.....barley

We stayed in Morelos & La Lajita too! Now, we know the "Rest" of the story you guys are famous!

Stay tuned for our RR

We're waiting for your RR with open ears.....hoping for lots of photos and stories......I remember Suzies, a Katoom, a small GS.....which one was you? We really thought you'd have a good time getting over that mountain as late and hot as it was......and if that guy in the road was still there, I'm surprised he was alive......

Originally Posted by chabon View Post
If you look close, you will see that the KTM is sporting a Yamaha mirror! (Don't tell Ken I pointed this out).

IMGP2634.JPG by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Can't remember what happened to his mirror, but since I had two and he had none we worked it out.
Ya, the 690e had major failures including a heat shield bolt, the headlight aim and the folding KTM mirror which sheared off at the base.....Thanks for the Yammie lend, it would have been uncomfortable not to have a mirror in traffic....and for all those who wonder.....the Yammie mirror swings both ways, rightie and leftie......kinda like the redhead at b'fast in Alamo......
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