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Roadracing isn't stunting. Stunters don't care about roadracing. All they have in common is the hardware - and not really at that.

Stunting, if properly promoted and presented could be bigger than roadracing in this country. Look at freestyle. Some smart fucker is someday gonna put both in a football stadium and blow it wide open. Have them both going at the same time on different ends of the stadium...lots of fireworks and explosions and Monster Truck screaming/announcing...Jumbo-Trons showing close-ups...can ya just see it?

Then they'll all go to McDonalds and celebrate.

Watching roadracing on TV is boring if you don't know what you're looking at. I'm a former roadracer and I think it's boring. Years ago I tried to get a roomate to sit down and watch a World Superbike race on the tube. He knew nothing about motorcycles. He watched a few laps with me and finally turned to me and said, "So they ride around the track and lean way over around the corners...I really don't get it."
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