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Originally Posted by BeardThrone View Post

Haha, I was torn between the better quality clip and the crappy one that has that line.
I went for the shorter one, but here's the full clip:

Hi Questor, hey acesandeights, hiya Chrish4ku!
thanks for joining us!

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Wans adventures are always the best adventures.

The Clown Motel has caught my eye a few times. I like the bikers welcome sign out front and from the outside it looks cheerful. I've never been inside and from your photos of the lobby it's looks a bit creepy. Did you notice the cemetery next door?
hey Ladybug!
The Clown Motel was just fine - the lobby was a little weird, but the clerks were very friendly.
Our rooms were clean and the place was quiet.
Luckily, I didn't notice the cemetery next door, but Matt said he did.

Wait, how are you posting
? The wifi at Panamint Springs must be better than I remember...
Hope you're having a great time in DV - looks like you've got good weather!

Hey Goggles, more more more, coming up...
I gotta get this thing wrapped up...

Hi K_N_Fodder!
Great to hear from you!
haha, did that video give you flashbacks to the great Bend dust storm of 2012?
Originally Posted by Bartek990 View Post
Small bike should not ride with V-twins

Sunday 3/24/13, continued.

The last map:

Here are a few more screen shots from earlier (before Rick got in the truck)...
(sorry, it got confusing with my photos + screen shots from 3 cameras - photobucket loads them all out of order)

OK - Back to the present time. Sunday at 3:48pm.
Rick and Scott got oil and were waiting at the next pit stop...

Thank goodness for the chase truck. This was a desolate place.

Riding big bikes in the dirt requires constant vigilance.
It’s always a good idea to take inventory whenever possible.
During this stop, Radek noticed he had sheared a bolt.

He couldn't get at the sheared bolt right then, so he locktite'd the 2nd bolt and hoped it would hold.

In other news,
A rock tried to eat Smartek’s passenger footpeg...

And, one of his lights tried to make a run for it. He caught it, though.
It went into his tank bag...

Our tires.
Mitas rear.

Scorpion Rally front. Oh, this is Radek’s actually.
(we were borrowing his rim, remember?)

Rick had found oil in Mina and his bike was good to go.
He put in a whole quart.

MediumWan and BigWan.

Everyone had topped up, except Ceasar.
He added what was left in his jug and thought it would be enough.
We said Thanks and goodbye to Scott and got back on the course...
The turnoff was up on the left...

More fast, open roads.





Poleline Road.

Go Smartek!!

Go MiddleWan!!


This seems like a good place for the next video...
Some nice footage of Bartek, Rick and Ceasar - from various parts of the day.

Radek, Matt and Rick did the filming for this one. Great job, guys!

HD if you want it...

Somewhere on this powerline road, Matt and I hit a ditch.
We were moving pretty good, so it was a hard hit.
I ran back to warn the others, but they were all fine.

Happy to have not crashed, we continued on.
After a little bit, Matt was hearing a funny noise, so we stopped to check it out.

I think the guys needed a break anyway.

One of the fuel lines had gotten damaged and we were leaking gas...

But, Matt was able to just cut the hose a little shorter and that fixed the problem.

We’re almost due for a new bash plate...

Other than that, the bike seemed okay.

Smartek took the opportunity to save his license plate.
Matt had ziptied it on, back in Baja, but now it was barely hanging on by a thread.
It went into the tank bag with his Rigid light...

The bike seems fine.
Sorry about the wait you guys...back on the road!

Just when everyone was ready to get moving again...
Flat tire!

Poor Ceasar!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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