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Originally Posted by johnjen View Post
In order to 'properly' adjust the throttle bodies, both stepper motors should be 'parked' so that they are in a fixed equal air delivery position and THEN using the Harmonizer (or manometer of your choice) adjust the throttle cables while the throttle is in an open position to balance the reading shown by the manometer.

And the synch job can't be done properly UNLESS both steppers are properly parked.
Ok, this is where I disagree/get confused. Please correct me here if I'm wrong...

The "steppers" are actually the idle stops, a mechanical stop, ie.they set up the idle RPM by keeping the butterfly valves in the TB's open a crack to idle. They move up and down to make fast idle RPM as req'd by a cold engine temp. Yes?

If so then when balancing the TB's at 3500RPM, the idle stops are not touching the butterfly valves any more and do not need to be "parked". I balance my 2010 GS without using my GS911 to park the steppers and have a beautiful , smooth balance.

No chance of fouling up here if you do not park 'em!
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