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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
Quite a few of us do that. Mines a very course filter foam held over the front inlet with a couple of cable ties (needed two to get the length).

Doesn't need to be fine, just enough to keep moths, wasps, dragon flies out.

Beauty ill give it a bash!! I find with the Uni filter alot of crap makes its way to the second layer <___ i get the heebejeebies

Originally Posted by tileman View Post
to fit my new tank the airbox top cover has gone completely!!!!!! hope it works out
Living dangerously - I like it!

Ill tell you that new suspension is like a dream - the handling has improved out of sight

It has stiffened up the rear end so well - we went for a little blast early on friday morning from Gunnedah - I used to find crossing the middle track on marbley roads a nightmare. with that new shock it is awesome - it just tracks right through the marbles

I have taken to riding in the loose squirelly shit just for kicks

Mr Yamamoto and Fat tony the Aprila enjoying Sunrise over Lake Goran

Plenty of fast good fun stuff

Needd to work on the whole Tyre Lever thing

im going to rip the bash plate off tommorrow and drill them into it and then some bolts or pins with R pins to stop them moving about .
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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
It's the classic freudian slip... "come out of the closet, and jump into the jaccuzzi with the rest of us..."
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