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Parts List in ozzie dollars

Stuff ya need.

From ya deala.
Front Fender, SuperMoto. KTM part #5030801020030 $68.18 (this one in black would be nice)
2x Spacer Bushing (pic 6). KTM part #50208020000 $6.15ea
1 x Brake Line Guide (pic 1). KTM part #59008019000 $8.40
1x 950 Adventure Front brake line. Goodridge part #HOSBKTM9501F(check with ya deala) $122.70

Other Stuff.
I got all of this in the same place, a boating shop(BCF). Think ya may have trouble getting this from a hardware shop?

Brake-line holders(pic 8)
2x 5mm x 25mm 316 S/S Hex Head bolts(pic 8, cut down to approx 12mm). pkt of 10 approx $8.00
2x High Tensile Self Locking Nuts(Nyloc's) 5mm x 0.8 pkt of 10 $4.00
4x 4mm S/S washers. pkt of 30 approx $5.00
2x Cable Clamp 10mm. pkt of 25 $3.25
Cut up an old inner tube the same thickness as the cable clamp and use as spacers.

Fork Guard Braces.
2x 304 S/S Rivets 3/16 dia x 3/8 long (I cut these down to 8mm) pkt of 6 $6.50
2x Swage Eye Term G316 2.5mm x 3/32" (63mm long, dia 6.3mm) $3.50ea
NOTE: I got 3 of the above as true to form I fucked one up.
These need quite a bit of modification to fit, I have pic's if required.

Other stuff.
1x 1/2" Wiring Grommet(pic 5, I cut a section out to allow fitment around brake-line) pkt of 2 $3.25
The brake line guide(pic 4) and low brake line holder (pic 5) where made from some plastic coated mild steel (approx 3mm) I had in my shed of many bits and pieces, the bolt was from the back of the low guard.
4x 6mm x 20mm bolts to secure the fender. $0.80ea. The originals where too short and where used along with the spacer bushings to hold the fork protector braces(pic 6).

I put a lot of thought into this and ideally I would have liked to have had the fork protectors made out of carbon(bling, bling, bling). I now essentially have the reverse moulds for this to happen. With some modification to the lower sections of the guards(where the braces are) and the addition of a right hand brake holder this could become a reality, or more likely remain a dream. Another plus of using the original guard is ya don't have to piss around making a brake-line/speedo holder for the left hand side. I have seen the brake-lines held on with cable ties which looks crap and will eventually snap(hope they used UV stabalized ties?). I have yet to see a decent setup for this mod (I'm sure theres some out there I just haven't seen one yet) using either RM 250 or SX fork guards and believe using the original guard protectors looks a shit load better.


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