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In Wyoming we have a saying, "If the sun sets in the west, the wind will blow in the morning."
The Dallies are windy but the time I went thru there it was head on or to my back. If you ever travel near Rawlins, Wy you are crossing the continental divide in the Red Desert. Average daily wind it 35 mph, on days with fronts coming thru you can be in 45 mph w/ gusts to 55. I have found the only way to manage a broad reach (45 to 90 deg to direction of travel) is go slow. I have gone down the highway at 35 mph leaning like crazy. At the slower speed I am at least able to react in time to gusts and keep her on the tarmac. Plus I am not creating additional force by driving thru the wind at a higher rate of speed. (I watched the 18 wheelers doing that and I copied them.) They were riding with on one set of tires on the road. I try to find alternate routes that have some terrain to hide in or behind.

On interstates I have found that the leeward lane is usually more stable. The windward side kicks the wind up off the bank of the road and so you find either quiet air or turbulent air there. Anything but the laminar flow of wind jetting across wide open spaces.

The best is when you are following the wind, that is, when you are going down wind.
One of my fondest "mental images" of riding was when heading west across Wyoming as the sun was going down....Circa 1994-sh?

3 of us were crossing the country on overloaded sportbikes (cbr, fzr, zx-7) from Minneapolis to Pheonix.

On this particular stretch, I was bringing up the rear and watched for what seemed like an hour as both of my buddies bikes were at 45 degree angles, but travelling straight at highway++ speeds.

Just a really cool image with the setting sun as the backdrop. Wish they had Go-Pro's back them.....
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