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Originally Posted by bracky72 View Post
A little birdie told me mobil1 0w-40 is the holy grail....
It is for German cars for sure as it meets Mercedes 229.5 and BMW LL-01. It's ok for pre-diesel particulate filter diesels, but not for 2007-on diesels. I think it's sad BMW doesn't publish a similar spec for motorcycle oils.

I think all the talk of 10w-40 in winter and 20w-50 in summer is pretty silly, as BMW also approves 5w-50 and 10w-50 and these are obviously year-around use oils. They're synthetics, of course.

In my boxers I use BMW's recommended oil, which in the USA is called Castrol Power RS Racing 4T, 10W-50. I may switch to Motorex Boxer 4T just for fun.
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