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Guess it makes sense. The few American made cars I had years past were headaches. The one German car I had found itself in the shop often with electrical and some engine problems. However the Honda I had and the Toyota I've owned the past few years have been running perfect. YMMV

A lot of people preach "buy American" but until the American products are as good or better I am no longer wasting my hard earned money on being patriotic. I bought 2 brand new Chevrolet's, one in 2007 and one in 2010 and both were full of electrical and mechanical issues. We had to call the tow truck so many times that we ended up taking our 12 year old hyundai with 200k miles on it for trips since the new USA made cars we had were such garbage. Never again.

I now have no American cars and no American car headaches. Just 4 trouble free, reliable, comfortable joys to own cars not made by overpaid union nuts that only care about $ instead of innovation and quality.
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