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Thanks slapper, cleaned out the air filter when oil was done no fuel in there but I do leave the tap on and have smelt a bit of fuel in the gararge recently, will turn it off and check the carby over the weekend. I smelt the oil and it did smell a little of fuel.
Check the float needle's tip with and without magnification for a witness line where it has been contacting the seat. If one is found, the float valve either leaks or will begin leaking soon. Make sure the needle seat o-ring fits snugly and is not cracked/hardened/deformed/shrunken/otherwise damaged. Also make sure that the float itself doesn't leak, i.e. that there's no fuel inside the two chambers. You can either hold it up to a light, in which case it should be evident if there's fuel inside, or you can put it in a container of liquid and see if one side sinks more than the other.

How many miles/km are there on the carb?


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