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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
You seem to make a lot of assumptions based on spec sheets.

There is more to a motorcycle than a spec sheet, some bikes look great on paper but shit in the flesh, and some bikes should be crap according to the specs, but seem to work really well.

Ride a 93 bike and a current bike and get back to us.
Yah,I ended up with a 93 RMX250 here cause it was cheap and fresh,1 ride and it was put aside for the KTM's Ive ridden for many years.
No comparison what so ever between old and new.

Riding a 125 off road is an aquired art and not for everybody,they're light and work great if you can run the clutch and engine as they are intended to be run. I ride a 09 KTM200XCW currently and it works for me on the tight trails around here. It may not be that much lighter then a current 250/300 but it feels lighter and changes direction instantly.

A KDX is ok if you like that sort of thing,slow and heavy come to mind,then antiquated would be next.
Some bikes around at times
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