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Question R12GS seat questions

I'll start by saying I did do a search on this in both this forum and the flea market. There is a ton of info and opinions on the subject of the OEM R12GS seats, that much I figured out. My question has to do with how to go from a low seat to a standard with least amount of hassle.

Looking at buying a used 2012 that has under 1000 miles on it - looks pristine. The seller has a low seat on it - says he bought it that way right off the showroom floor, and at first couldn't say for sure which seat it had on it. Looking at pix, and then talking to him about it, we're both pretty sure it's a low, which I don't want.

So the main questions I have is, is there an easy way for me to get it swapped out to a standard stocker? Would the dealer he bought it from do it, do you think? Or do people just swap them all the time here (I looked for those kinds of deals in Flea market and didn't see any)? Or?

Thanks for any input.
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