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Originally Posted by LaurelPerryOnLand View Post
1. Make sure the BIKE isn't a LOW OEM bike...unless you want one. Just sayin'

2. Swapping seats? Take off the LOW...put on the STANDARD. Done.
No dealer involvement needed.

BTW...I changed my STANDARD GS seat for a STANDARD GSA seat...first ride yesterday...GSA seat is MUCH MORE comfortable than the GS seat.
GSA raises the ride height about 1" IIRC. More gel? in the rider seat.

You should be able to use the GSA seat, as well, unless "height challenged".
Thanks. Bike has ESA, so that means it isn't the LOW bike.

Understand about the interchangeability of all the different seats. Just wondering whether it's something that should figure into my negotiating final sale price of the bike with the seller. If the answer is: "they get swapped all the time because there is always someone looking for one or the other", well then great. OTOH, if it's more a case of, "good luck - no one wants those - you're looking at $300 for the seat you want" - then that's a different story.
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