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Help, FD won't connect.

(Bike is '05 R1200GS, 58,000miles)

I thought today would be a nice service day: change FD oil & lube splines, replace rear brake rotor and pads, test ride all before the rain set in.


FD oil drained, splines lubed, and that's where I'm stuck. I've been struggling for the past 3 hours to get my FD and driveshaft splines to align. I can get the FD side to just start to connect with the drive shaft, but then the corner of the FD gets caught in the mouth of the shaft. I've tried brute strength, banging on FD housing with a rubber mallet, I even bought a ratcheting tie-down to try to slowly force it in. All to no avail.

Right now the bike is on the street with the FD held up by the tie-down, it's gonna rain soon, I work until 2:30 tomorrow, MaxBMW is closed tomorrow, and I go out of town Tuesday thru Saturday.

Am I missing something, is there an easy way I'm not seeing? I'm proper fooked, so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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