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Slept much better Saturday night, not sure if it was the lack of wind or the fact that I was worn out when I headed to bed…either way I work up on East Coast time… about 5 am local..
No worries, the coffee was ready and I got a couple pictures in before breakfast.

After a hearty breakfast and sucking down some water to make sure I was hydrated, It was time to gear up and get ready for day 2. We gathered up and headed out on a warm up trail ride around 8:30 and ended up at the Sand Pit…

It was Del’s plan for us to hit it early so no one had any “I was tired” excuses when they dropped their bikes in the sand.

Del had recently reworked the sand pit, apparently it wasn’t challenging enough the way it was. Well, it certainly didn’t look easy. It was about 20 feet wide and 30 yards long. Walking in it, your feet just sunk in the deep soft sand.

Del started out with demonstrating the effects of using the front brake, the rear brake and clutching to stop…front brakes just buried the front wheel. Using the rear wheel was better, but made it hard to get started. Pulling in the clutch stopped you about as fast as the brakes but without the wheels digging in as much.
Lots of power wasn’t needed to keep the bike moving through the sand…you just needed a “blip” of throttle now and then and to keep “Moesha” in motion balancing the bike.

It seemed the harder and faster you entered the sand, the fast you were laying in it.

(photos by Kyle Johnson)

After we got comfortable with going straight, Del had us try to keep our balance going straight while “dabbing” a foot. He also had us go along a log on the return trip and dab that with our foot as we went by. I got frustrated quick. Going along the log, I could dab a foot and keep the bike going straight with ease. But every time I tried it in the sand, I would veer to that side…I just couldn’t go straight and dab a foot in the sand…
Then Del let us in on his secret. The next exercise was to slalom around cones he put out in the sand. To turn, dab a foot. To turn the other way, dab the other foot. Two or three taps of the toe and you were around the cone…5 or 6 and you did a 180 around the cone.
No handlebar steering, just dabbing the foot.

Here is a compilation of some of the sand riding clips I got including my own digger into the sand. I’m guessing handing your GoPro camera to someone to film you is kinda like saying “ya’ll hold my beer and watch this” because it was my only fall in the sand.

After playing in the sandbox, it was a short trail ride over to the meadow for feathering the clutch…

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