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Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
Newb question here:
A friend was moving, and gave me an older Lincoln buzzbox (A-225S, I think the model is), and a big (open) box of 7018 electrode, probably open in a humid climate for the last 15-20 years. I think it works, though I'm still waiting for the local utility to give me a new service drop so I have 220v at my house.
Anyway, I've never stick welded before, though I've done a bit of some other types (mig and tig, and a fair amount of gas welding). This seems like a decent enough welder to play around on and make some functional stuff. If it doesn't work for me, I'll try to trade it for a mid size wire feed welder. My hope is that I can dry the welding rod just before I use it with a light bulb/ cardboard or wood box arrangement.
Any comments, either about the rod, the welder, or whether an old simple stick machine is a good all-purpose tool these days?
Hi Zak, some 7018AC rod has a little bit of potassium in it to help the arc when using an AC buzz box. It would be easier for you to maintain your arc with it.

The old rod probably has alot of mositure in the coating so if you see porosity in your welds it is from the hydrogen mixing into your liquid metal from the H2O.

You wont pass an x ray test but it would be ok to practice with.
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