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Originally Posted by friar mike View Post
I only truck I would own for years was a chevy ...
Never owned a Chevy. And my many OLD USA built Fords just keep on going.
Last year I finally had to replace the 41 year old clutch in the one that started life as a fleet vehicle & became my plow rig about 36-37 years ago. Only reason I replaced the clutch is because the head of this bolt snapped off.

The clutch replacement was overdue anyway. The rivets on the disk had just kissed the flywheel.

That was the original 1971 clutch. I didnít have to replace or even surface the flywheel. Didnít replace the pilot bearing either.

To say that my 1971 rust bucket Bronco plow rig has had a hard life would be an understatement. As a fleet vehicle everyone ran it very hard. Hell, I jumped the thing once back then. Then as a plow rig it really gets beat. I just use it & abuse it.

As far as I am concerned my low mileage overly complicated computer controlled BMW built Mini Cooper is a POS. Only thing I like about it is that it does drive/corner like a go-cart. First car I ever had that I actually hate. Along with some other expensive or hard to fix problems it has NO winter traction at all.
I really screwed up. No more Euro built cars for me.
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