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I have NO PROBLEM with those that think my proposal is a waste of time. You think one phone call and one email is a waste... fine. Think Rowher sucks... fine. Think working with the man is cowardly or giving up your freedom or civil liberties... fine. Don't help !

But shoving a stick in my spokes trying to sabotage my efforts... and turning on me personally is ridiculous. Fact is whether your paying attention or not the US Gov catalogued every trail in the nation and has been minimizing us for several years. Adding trails to the official system hurts NO ONE.

It's funny how others are entitled to their opinions to sit on their ass and bitch about how it once was and still should be... but I am NOT entitled to my opinion to go try and get some miles of trail added to Rowher.

If any of you RFBK / RFTK guys wanna make one call and one email per year to get more miles of trails... PM me.
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