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Off To Find Some Gravel

Unpaved roads anyway. I slide my CF card into the 2610 that holds a pile of USGS topo maps for the four corners states.
They are there, but not the one where I am.

I figure this out after adding fuel. Just 5 gallons I don't need to be picking up anymore than I have to. I figured I could wander around for an hour or so on the three liters water I had on my back.

Turns out I was right about that. Bloody hot out today, but felt wonderful. I only noticed the heat and the weight of the bike when I was opening and closing gates. The one had what felt like a concrete filled pipe at the end of it. Without a map I had no idea which gate was the right one at that point, and I'd past it so turned around at the dead end at a ranch and as I neared a van and two ladies were at the gate. I stopped and asked of that was the road, They said it was and asked if I'd help. The top loop wire had been tightened so it took two of us pulling and pushing to get the thing open. We fixed that so it was plenty snug, but with a little extra effort one person could manage it.

This was over on the west side of I 17 North of Phoenix. There were some folks out there target shooting and an OHV area I ran into up another road. I gave up on the west side after running up each road to a locked gate.
At this place somebody had dumped a lot of nails, bent and straight. Looked like when it was wet so they would be covered in the mud.
Lovely example of a human being that. Idiots. I suppose there is some reason, but it still doesn't make sense.

Saw a rattle snake on the road on the way to this point, but I was concentrating on staying out of ruts on the little hill I was coming down and couldn't really pry my attention away to find a parking spot for a picture. When I did get turned around and came back of course there was no trace. It was a small one maybe three feet or so. Pretty long rattles though, about a hand-width long. Black banded tail too.

The roads looked mostly like this on the west side except for one spot where some trucks full of quads went by. Just over a rise from that point was this huge ditch/rut across the road that I decided to not bother and attempt on that short steep descent. Alone, I'll chicken out unless I just have to get through. I didn't have to so I turned around.

more in a bit.
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