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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
The difference between humans and dumb animals is that humans use tools.

I carry a length of seatbelt webbing with D-rings sewn into one end, with that looped over my shoulder I can deadlift my bike - I can't otherwise. That's about the size of a packet of ciggies rolled up.
It'd also make it a lot easier to drag it around - though fortunately, that's untested.

A ratchet strap would likely give you that option, as well as being able to tie it round a tree and ratchet the bike around.

Sorry guys, brute strength is the dumb option here, look for options which use smarts and simple tools, not strength.

so your talking something similar to furniture moving straps (forearm fork lifts) but over the shoulder or similar?

looks like the over the shoulder kind you could even add a ratchet using yourself as the anchor but then how do you then grab the bike with out disturbing the height you raised it? hmmm........ Guess you could step in closer every couple of ratchets till your next to the bike and can finish the lift hmmmmmmmmm

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