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So I read an article that made me think about some of the stuff that has been said here. Well, really the whole theme behind this ride report. See I'm doing the crossfit open, which is a five week long worldwide competition which also acts as a qualifier for the bigger events (which I will not be qualifying for). But anyway the workout for this last week was a three rep ladder (3, 6, 9...) of 135lb clean and jerk and toes to bar. Well my max clean and jerk is 165, so 135 gets heavy pretty quick, even more so going overhead with it. But, if you decide that every rep is going to count, that every time you put your hands on the bar it's going over your head, if you trust yourself and the bar guess what, its goes overhead. When you start doubting yourself, shit don't happen. You know what, no matter what else happens in life, no matter who tells you you're awesome or a piece of poo, the bar doesn't lie to you. When you decide to make shit happen, shit happens. When you start doubting yourself, shit don't happen.
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