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Okay, GS Addict asked me to switch the load relief relay with the horn relay and see what happened.

Guess what?

I have turn signals, headlamp, and all lights back. No horn, but I suspect that's because the bad relay is now in the horn relay slot and the good relay is in charge of load relief, what ever that is.

I'm electrically challenged. I'm a steamfitter by trade, not an electical engineer.

The only question is whether I can ride like this? I shouldn't see why not. Aside from having no horn, I should be in better shape than I was riding home at dusk with no headlamp, tail light and turn signals.

I see there is a spot for spare relays, I think I'll get one. Or two.

I would like to thank GS Addict for the time he took from his busy schedule to proffer a solution.
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