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Does an auto clutch prematurely wear your clutch? Without knowing the specifics of how it works, I would assume not if it is using some sort of disengagement system.
No, I have used Rekluse clutches in the last 3 KTM dirt bikes I have owned. Never replaced any clutch components in any of them. Used correctly a Rekluse will not reduce clutch life. Leave the bike in to tall a gear and pin the throttle making the clutch slip excessively, you would fry the clutch plates very quickly. The same thing would happen with a manual clutch.

Personally I don't see a much need for one on my Super Tenere. I did a 10 day trip to Colorado and Moab last year on my Super Tenere and got into some fairly difficult terrain. I don't think a Rekluse would have help much at all. The bike has a very low 1st gear and has so much power and torque I never felt that is would stall at low RPMs.

However I don't know if that is the case with the BMW 800's. While observing the field events at the BMW GS challenge in Moab last summer, several competitors were having problems stalling the GS800s that BMW supplied. Once the clutches got hot, the clutch would not engage until the clutch lever was almost all the way out.
Hard to say, but the competitors might have benefited from a Rekluse under those circumstances.
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