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Originally Posted by 250txc View Post
.....................Sounds alot worst than it really was ... The Philippines has its ways and just let it all play out is usually the best way to handle any event ... And let the locals do most if not all of the work as much as possible here unless you are very sure on who you are talking with ... Communications between 2 different languages will almost always loose something in translation ... Plus, again, this ain't Kansas .. :0

About the only I said in this entire process of getting the bike to anyone other than my importer, was to the top investigator looking into the bike was: "Am I gonna be able to get from the port?" He replied "Yes, you have many friends here"... The next day or so, I had the bike. BUT have the bike cleared for importing BEFORE it lands to avoid any of this delay ... My importer just drug their feet too much as the 30 days shipping time from the USA to here is plenty of time to have all the paperwork finished ...
Yes sir. So many things to consider and do = lots of headache....
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