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The reason why I said 30 days is enough time to get the paperwork finished was because you have to have a Bill of laden as part of the paperwork for Customs here ... And you don't get the Bill of laden till the bike is loaded on the boat ... Then 30 days floating across the pacific to here ...

You should know the cost of the importing before the bike is even on the boat ... Mine was about 35% of the cost of the bike from what I could tell ... 35% is not how BIS figures the tax cost but it is a easy way I can relate the cost to you because I don not know the exact formula but it starts at the base price of the machine ... Brand new bikes might have a different price as they are mentioned specifically in some of the importation laws ...

If you can't afford ~50% of the cost of your bike for importing, you might wanna go another route ..BUT if you pay the money, there should be no problem ... Customs will be glad to see your money ;) They should give you a bottle of champagne for your efforts ... Actually, your importer efforts ...
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