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After a hectic Saturday , and almost at three hundred hours in the morning the Roadbook was finally placed on the test bike in order to test it on a Rally Raid day that was taking place in Athens, Greece.
HDB Tower was used and I would like to personally thank Paul for his excellent service, support and communication e-mails...

Off to the roadbook.

We had some fun with different colored spacers from laser cut plexi

Then, we made a custom switch in order to be able to test it. Not the final switch but it worked fine and given the time that we had I think it is more than fine We went crazy with the tie wraps but it stayed in place for the whole ride

This is the tower set up, I am using it in the aluminium format first and in the next ride I will use the PE unit. I have to say that the quality and the design of this thing is remarkable... I will try to match Paul's quality in my roadbook

These are the first pictures of the roadbook...

Never mind the cover, it is not final... I used two tie down straps to hold it in place. It was rock stable.
The roadbook worked flawlessly for the day, 130 something Tulips on the paper, a very small roll compared to the target I have set for it. Almost 23mm in diameter -rolled very tight by hand- (compared to the 50mm target).
The tower also features a Tower plate made of special indestructible plastic. You can literally run over it by car and it will spring back into its original shape. This will be the material for the final plate of the roadbook. We need to adjust the transmission speed (either change the motor or change the ratio )

I had a fear that the roadbook maybe too large (dimensionwise) but it is more than fine...

Still there are some tests to run, I hope I have at least two units to give to crankshaft and BajaDad. It will be a close call but it is my target. Even with the Beta phase cover I will try and send these units out, I hope the tie down straps are not a problem for racing it in Baja.

Will keep testing this week and come back with more data and pics.

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