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HS#11 Hauling Tail III

Hauling Tail III is brought to us by Nature Coast Trailblazers and is located in dade City, Fl This is a fast course with not much for elevation changes but nicely lacking in sand whoops and palmetto's. Sat/Sun mileage is 9.5.
It's been a while since Haley has raced. She wrenched her knee pretty badly at the Azalea city round so has been on the mend and finally feeling good this weekend. With that in mind the goal for this race was just to put in some laps with no drama and have fun again. Based upon her smile at the end of the race the mission was accomplished. A few more like this and we'll concentrate on pushing harder.

19th out of 23.

13 guys on SSB line as the horn blows and my bike fires to life. Don Chris (#24) got the holeshot and I slid into 2nd place as we headed into the woods. It's all I can do top keep Don in sight. he hits the ground right before we hit the fields so I'm in first for a few miles..won't last...ha! I hear Don come up behind me and I let him by as I just want to try and use him to get some separation from the rest of the pack behind.I finish the first lap in 2nd. The next lap both David Wildner(#46) and Marcelo Dadone (#15) get by i manage to re-pass Marcelo right before the pines and don't see him anymore (He ended up getting a flat rear tire and had to retire). I run in 3rd the rest of the lap.

Lap 3 is where the fun begins. I'm a little over 1/2 way through the lap when i hit a nasty root. The rear kicks out so badly I'm thrown from the bike and get enough air to realize " Cr@p this going to hurt!" as I return to terra ferma and roll a few times tweaking my ankle in the process. Seems over a dozen riders ended up crashing in the same spot before they could get the root cut out! Tom Miller runs up to check on me just as I realize the bars have rotated down. We give them a tug with no luck as Frank Gamperl (#325)rides by with a holler and takes over 3rd place...dang! Looks like I have no choice to try and ride the bike with the bars screwed up. I take off and find out it's not ideal but I can manage. Great in a straight field, miserable in the whoops, and something i just laugh at and point out to the spectators as I ride around. I end the 3rd lap in 4th.

The 4th lap starts to bother my wrists. I start to think about the big picture of 2 sprained wrists as I crawl through the pines section. I get passed by 2 more guys in my class as my hopes of a decent finish quickly fade. I roll through the chicane in 6th and simply can't do any more as my hands are officially numb now. Wasted opportunity for a good finish but that's why they call it 'Racing and not riding. I'm really glad Haley had a good race as I love watching her ride and have fun so still a great weekend!

Super Senior B
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time
1 24 Don Chriss
Orlando, FL 50 10 5 1:45:51
2 325 Frank Gamperl
Deerfield Beach, FL 47 5 5 1:47:01
3 392 Jack Hatfield
Trinity, FL 45 4 5 1:48:01
4 10 Joe Wythe
New Port Richey, FL 43 3 5 1:49:42
5 240 William St Laurent
Longwood, FL 41 2 5 1:54:59
6 19 Dave Wagner
Orlando, FL 40 0 5 1:59:31
7 46 David Wildner
New Port Richey, FL 39 0 4 1:23:54
8 117 Troy Stainbrook
Odessa, FL 38 0 4 1:27:32

9 171 Matt Oatway
Longwood, FL 37 0 4 1:34:16
10 15 Marcelo Dadone
Aventura, FL 7 0 1 0:21:28
11 8 Levic Allen
Valrico, FL 7 0 1 1:49:46
DNF 4 Kurt Drummond
Port Richey, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
DNF 41 Marty Sapsford
Ormond Beach, FL 0 0 0 0:00:00
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