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I know people are expecting the price to go down on used GS/GSA's because of the WC, I really don't see it, the GS/GSA'a are great bikes in their own right and I think far fewer will be jumping ship then let's say the folks that purchased the new 1600 GT/GTL, you can find used LT's for next to nothing if you look hard enough...I know that's not what you are looking for, it is just that the GT/GTL was such a leap whereas in my opinion (I have test ridden one) the new LC just isn't that big leap.

In 2010, I sold my 2008 GSA with 110,000 HARD miles (but very well taken care of and running perfectly) for $9500 and I felt both the buyer and I did well.

What is your budget?

Like others say, take your time but prices will climb probably 10% in the next month as it gets warmer, study the different model years, ride 'em if you can, take the plunge to the dark side with the rest of us crazy inmates and have fun!
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