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Originally Posted by too old View Post
Can't specualte how far either of them are on with the bike development, but it's unlikely that they would be ready in time for race conditions this summer (winter in SA).

Last year HRC were only race ready for Morocco, but that was debateable, as it was for the Dakar really - from memory though they started testing in August.

Having said this and from what I understand 2 of the issues were weight and power/speed, so perhaps they have had a head start in these areas and maybe larger & lighter fuel tanks ?

Generally though and whether the results were good or bad they will have had a year's testing and experience as a team, which can only be good
Knowing Honda/HRC history, my money is on the engineers getting trained over the last year. The guys riding the bikes sure as hell knew how a bike needed to be to survive and be competitive. Doesn't mean the engineers were listening. HRC has a long long history of knowing better than the riders how a bike should be.

Kinda funny to watch as, every time, they start winning when the rider gets his way, and never before. The bike aside, the psychology of a guy risking his life on something he's not comfortable with eludes them.
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