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I've taken many trips over three week periods and many thousands of miles with a passenger. Florida to Newfoundland and back via Quebec and then Central New York was the longest (7,000 miles) on my Ducati ST3s. Two panniers, a top box, and a tank bag. We had two sets of camping gear too!

Last year to Central NY and Michigan (from Florida) I ditched the top box!

Pack light, and then repack lighter. I pack light, but seem to stop at a UPS/FedEx a day or two into the trip and send stuff back home! I would suggest you take a S24O before you go. That is a single trip with an overnight - all within 24 hours. This way you can test out your gear. You will bring too much - I can just about guarantee it. Besides, itís about the ride, not the stuff. The stuff becomes a burden in more ways than one.

For example, bring heated gear instead of bulky jacket liners Ė unless the liners can double as your off the bike gear. Your rain gear can block the wind and keep you warm if necessary. Hard to pack the bulky jacket liners. You can also have warmer gear sent ahead if you need to. Don't bring tennis shoes - they are the most difficult thing I can think of to fit in a pannier. Wear what you ride with instead.

Communicate. I would also suggest some form of intercom with your pillion. It sure is nice to communicate along the trip, and really lets the passenger in on what you are thinking or seeing. Also, the "I need to pee" or ďIím hungryĒ stuff is easier to communicate.

Stop often as you can. Funny that the harder you push the longer the day seems. When I get off about every hour or so it is way more fun than staying on for a full tank of gas.

Donít over plan your miles. Too many commitments (e.g., visiting folks along the way) with too many miles in-between can take the fun away. Itís your trip. Every year I seem to reduce my miles and enjoy the trip more.

Get gas when you see it in some remote areas. Don't try and stretch your fuel. Stressing about how much you have in the tank, especially when you involve a passengerís well-being, is no good. Pushing a bike is worse.

These are a few of the things I can offer to you. Mainly, have a blast!
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