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Right after we passed customs, we were waved to stop again. I wasn’t sure if this was just another step of the entrance procedure, so I obeyed. There was an ATM and a guy offering money exchange, but I had no intentions to do business with them. When we got back on the bikes, another dude stepped forward, demanding a parking fee!
This was a public road and we had only stopped because they had made us. I literally laughed at him, while twisting the throttle, making him jump out of my way. I understand that they depend on tourists to bring money to their country, but they have to give something in exchange and not just bullying everybody.

We found a supermarket and bought water and food. Then it was time to hit the road N2 towards Tetouan. This had all taken quite a while so we arrived just in time to start looking for an accommodation.

I lead into town and stopped to wait for Maddin. He was hesitant to follow, explaining that I had been riding a oneway road against the flow. Well, that happens.
I had only been stationary for 10 seconds before the next guy approached us. He wanted us to leave the bikes in his secure garage, so he could walk us to a nice hotel in the medina (old inner part of the city).
Now I absolutely hate these guys and I also had little intention to carry my luggage an unknown distance through town. Instead we found a nice hotel just outside the medina where we could park the bikes right in front and the night guard would have an eye on them for little money.

Later in the evening we walked into the medina to have dinner. Again, we were soon hassled by some guy and Maddin agreed to follow him. I pretended not to understand ANY languages (he spoke English, French and maybe even a little German), so the guy ended up constantly talking to Maddin, while rushing through the Medina to his restaurant. There was no time to stop and look, so though although it seemed we had run all across the medina we hadn’t seen anything of it. I know why I don’t like them.
He lead us to the same hotel, guy #1 had wanted us to go to, and the restaurant was completely empty. While waiting for the food, we joked that they first had to go and buy it somewhere else, when another dude with plastic bags came in …

To be fair, the food was good.

View from the hotel
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