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Originally Posted by wiswoodsguy View Post
Id be more apt to pull the trigger if they were closer to the 100 mile mark. Slighty over that and were running to the bank. So in my head, I think its within reason with the forward progression of technology. A few yrs ago, a bike of this stature was unheard of, now your shreding the tarmac in blissful quietness
My 2013 Zero has a total range of 120 miles; the sport model says 130 miles and I imagine a lot of that difference amounts to tire choice and dual sport drag factors. I'll be converting to street tires after my first set of treads wear out to see.

Anyway, that won't provide a 200-mile round loop without one of the upgraded chargers, but for everyday riding it's been just fine, and freed up my ADV bike for better maintenance/babying.
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