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So I left off where I got on the interstate leaving Toronto in a downpour. Let me reiterate that I had never ridden in rain before. And even now that I have had some experience with it, this was a lot of rain. I toughed it out for about 20 miles down the interstate. I was going slower than traffic with my hazards on. I couldn't see ANYTHING without my shield open, and when I opened my shield the rain pelted me in the face and eyes. My pants were soaked through, and my "waterproof" Alpinestars boots had filled with water (from the top).

All kinds of emotions were running through my mind. In addition to the fear that I could wreck, I had one of a few of my mid-trip crises.

"Wow. I really can't ride in this. I have to get to Ohio. I have to ride there. And I can't ride in this. Why didn't I think of this? What was I thinking, it just would never rain? Are you kidding me? What do I do?" These were my thoughts.

I pulled off an exit and got under a gas station shelter. I was 20lbs heavier with all the water soaked into my clothes. My feet were turning into prunes - I could just feel it. The same questions were pouring into my head and creating a lot of doubt in my mind about my decision to make this trip. I felt defeated. All the planning i'd put in to this didn't matter if I couldn't actually ride from destination to destination. I was overwhelmed with emotion, no doubt.

I gave myself a few moments to chill out and then decided i'd see if it would be possible to stay in Toronto another night and book it to Ohio the next morning in time for my afternoon presentation. I called my contact in Ohio and he was completely understanding of the situation and told me to be safe. Even if we had to reschedule the presentation it was no problem. I felt relieved. I called Tim and asked if I could stay another night, and he of course said it was no problem at all.

I remember feeling an enormous weight lifted when I realized it was all going to be okay.

Looking back, yes, it seems a little stupid. I think the rain continued on for most of the day, but chances are I would have made it out of it eventually and been fine if I would have just continued on. I also could have wrecked and ended my whole trip. I think I made the right decision considering my ability at the time.

I got back to Tim's house and changed clothes. My feet were ruined from sitting in wet boots for a couple hours. I spent the evening working on my presentation for the next day and went to bed early so I could be ready to leave before dawn.
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