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Day seventy one, 3-26-13
We got up and headed to the boat where the captain took us out to offload the motorcycles one by one. Very easy process. Crane them out onto a small boat, take them to land and manhandle them on to shore. It took only about an hour and a half before we had everything on land.

Huge milestone today as the bikes were (unofficially) in South America!

Now to customs. We were told to go to a building, that wasn’t that easy to find, and meet with a german guy named Manfred would be waiting to help us with the customs process. Well apparently the customs inspector just didn’t feel like coming into work today… so after two hours or waiting we got insurance taken care of, check. Then more waiting for the inspector… around noon Manfred suggested we go get lunch and come back at two as they take two hour lunch breaks here. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to ride toward Medillan today as we had planned we went back to our hotel and booked another night. We arrived back at two where Manfred had some papers for us to sign. Progress…. We waited around for another two hours before a really pleasant looking girl, who was not supposed to and had never before, came out to inspect our bikes (read the vin) then headed back in to do paperwork, which she had never done and of course fucked up. It was about four when the Columbia vs. Venezuela soccer match started. No one was working now. Instead everyone was sitting in the lobby with us, who had been there since they opened, watching the game. I figured it was now hopeless. I got yelled at by a security guard for laying down and got fairly pissed. He didn’t like me much. After another hour and a half Manfred saved the day and came through with the last of the papers needed to be in Columbia! Only 8 ˝ hours in customs! We headed to the hotel and went to bed early with the thought of 400 miles to Medallin lingering.
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