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GasGuy, have you checked the front suspension at full travel that it does NOT contact the tool tubes? Had a buddy once get quite a surprise when he hit a good bump after installing a tool tube and the front wheel locked up from hitting the tube! Yours look like under compression that front tire's gonna hit 'em. Easiest way to check it is put it on the centerstand and remove the fork top caps. You can then compress the front end without spring resistance fighting you. Or you could loop a ratchet strap from one fork bottom up over the steering stem and down to the other and "draw down" the suspension that way if there's too much crap around your fork caps to make that way easy. Anyway, I'd make DAMN sure your front tire isn't going to hit those tubes! Could make for a dangerous surprise!
I have chosen not to add a tool tube. Tests that I, and Bill Watt of T-Bob fame have conducted, indicate that in summer, KLR oil temps can get high if the ambient temp is high and the bike is ridden hard for an extended period. Oil temps into the 260+ range. By changing or removing bash plates does affect the oil temps.
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