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Originally Posted by Nick Minneeesotin View Post
I had a few close calls Saturday. Idiots either don't care or didn't care to look but they were in the right lane parallel with me and wanted to get into the left lane where I was. Ended up with the bike @10k RPMs 30 yards ahead of them really quick before I got ran off the road.
Watch for their blind spot, look at their door mirror, if you can't see the dudes eyes, they sure as shit can't see you. In any case, do yer best never to be alongside another vehicle for very long, which is obviously difficult at times, but I basically make a point of never hanging out next to another vehicle. Pass or drop back or something - as you have seen they inevitably drift over. If yer following someone else, let them get clear so that you can pass quickly rather than hang out alongside. This is especially important for passing semis. Don't start passing until you can pass quickly.

Last year at this time, I was tooling along somewhere, passing a guy and he did exactly that - started drifting over. I gave him a parp on the horn, and he swerved so violently (away luckily) that he went off the road into shoulder. He could just as easily have swerved towards me so you have to watch out for that too.

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