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Originally Posted by Kamchat View Post
Looking good.......

...btw are you a Die Antwoord fan ? They have a pretty 'unique' style.
Cheers, mate.
That was on Maui last December. We rented Fat Boys for 2 days and rode across the island. Amazing roads and secenery there. Can't turn these monsters, though. I scratched the footrests in EVERY corner and got lots of bewildered looks for that. They're not used to that kinda riding.
Although I gotta say that Maui has a proper sports bike scene. I was there for the Toy Run. Gotta post some pics once I find them!

And aye, I love them! Didn't think anyone would recognise the quote. Hope you also know what it means!
I'm TOTALLY in love with Yo-Landi Vi$$er. She's so incredibly gorgeous.

BTW, I had my first ride this year yesterday! Second one today. Almost no snow anymore and roads are clean and dry. There was even plenty of sun today, so it must have been around 7C. Just great.

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