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Holy shit I took a lot of pictures.

I'll just post some of the people I rode with in order to keep it simple.

I'm the guy on the left. (It was going to be the sombrero tour but I got tired of explaining my play so..F it!)

Drove in with this guy.

To stay in this guys RV.

Met these 2 like minded dirt bike folks when I got there. (before ditching the sombrero plan)

Saw and talked to a friend I've ridden with in the past. (Bob and I have agreed to disagree on "things".)

My friends went off on their own so I hooked up with a few new friends to do Beatty (Gas)Titus. (One to make our Mothers proud)

Took some cool pictures in exotic locations.

Jody/Jimmy (2 names...kinda like me but totally different) and his happy hands.

Teakettle (Where I had some words with a lady in a white Toyota PU who tried to cut anyone who dared pass he on the 2 way wide road. Dunerider and Valery(?) were coming the other way and she was WAY the f in their lane and had to ditch her shit to the right to avoid them. Her excuse was asthma (ha I know) and "you're going too fast" (F that).

The crew I was with wasn't into doing Lippincott so I hooked up with group 3 for that part.

Got back ready to shower and caught a bit of Jimmy's class.

He sure knows his way around a bike.

End of day one, time for intermission...cue elevator music.

The GOP puts the "Con" in Conservative.

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