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Originally Posted by samthg View Post
Holee-crap. You are joggin' some old memories.
If we are talking about the same area, around Studebaker & 2nd St, there are a few tanks remaining, but most have been torn down. I just drove by there less than a hour ago. There has been a rumor for quite awhile that some of this area would be turned into a Home Depot shopping area, or the like.

What's your story? You must have grown up in the area, eh?

Great memory jog, thanks. I gotta start tearing into some old boxes looking for pics from back then, and get them scanned in.
I grew up right across the street near the Colorado Lagoon. Acres of dirt to play on with a variety of two wheeled toys as we all grew up. Pretty much of a free-for-all without much in the way of LEO intervention. We could ride from the western corner of the area at the end of Marine Stadium all the way to PCH, take a break for a candy bar at Sim's Bait Shop, then continue across PCH and skirt the Golden Sails to make it across 2nd street into the area where Trader Joe's is now and then continue on to Gum Grove Park. Quite a lot of fun!
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