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Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
MacGruber could have fixed that!
Originally Posted by sion View Post
the guy's a friggin' genius
I don't know...
we didn't have a bucket filled with bum sperm.

Originally Posted by studioe6 View Post
Originally Posted by chrish4ku View Post
This whole work thing is killing me. I need more time in my life to do this stuff.
No Kidding!
time to make riding your favorite!

Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
Better the passenger peg than the rear brake reservoir!
Very true!

Originally Posted by jazzmans View Post
Awesome RR so far, and excellent videos.

Please Mwan, enable ratings in your videos. How else can I give you a thumbs up?
(edit) the music is awesome,
Tuba, Chimes, and Propellerheads! It's great to hear 'different' music then same old same old.
(end edit)


I love my state.

Hey jazzmans,
yes, NV is pretty great for riding!

I'm so glad you liked the videos! thank you.

But, I have no love for the general population on youtube.
I keep the comments and thumbs disabled for a reason...
These videos/reports are so much friggin' work.
I haven't been to bed before 2am all week.

As wonderful as it is to get thumbs up from enthusiastic folks such as yourself,
If I got a single Thumbs down from one of those idiots, I'd probably nuke everything.

So, it's in everyone's best interest to keep ratings disabled.

Originally Posted by Questor View Post

You do the best videos.

Tuba music?
Heck yeah!

Thank you, Q!
I'm glad you guys liked the music!
I thought it was fun.

In case you're wondering, that tuba stuff was from Nortec Collective/Bostich + Fussible.
from the album ďTijuana Sound Machine.Ē

That video cracks me up.

The song in our clip was "NorteŮa Del Sur"(the tubisimo mix )

I actually own this CD and I had wanted to bring it for Scott to listen to in the truck!
But, then I thought that was too cruel and left it at home.

Looking back, he was so hard up for music, he might have liked it after all.

Originally Posted by Jonathan Multhaup View Post
I really like these (WAN attention deficit work avoidance) WANADWA oportunities.

Hey Jonathan!
WANADWA! Love it!!

Aw, thank you, thank you.
Nothing like contributing to more lost productivity!

Thanks for reading!

OK, we're almost finished, you guys!
Here's the penultimate post...

Sunday 3/24/13, continued.

Scott was such a good den mother - he had been watching our dust from the highway.
When we stopped, so did he. We could just barely make out the truck parked on the side of the road...
Rick gave him a call so he wouldnít worry.

Also, anyone on the phone in one of our RRs gets this caption:
"Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell!"

This was Ceasarís first tire change, out in the wild...

He couldnít have been with a better group!
These guys have lots of experience with flats. LOTS.

Everybody wanted in on the action.

How many KTM guys does it take to break a bead?

Itís all fun and games until somebody gets squished...

Ceasar said heís used to using a Nomar (?) tire changer.
I donít even know what that is...

So, these Mitas tires donít seem very tough.
This tiny little rock went all the way through the knob and punctured his tube.

Can you see it?

Eventually, they got it sorted out.

Flat count -

Matt - 1

Scott - 2

Ceasar - 1

Looking back...

Ahead of us...

OK, back on the road. We had lost a lot of time...

Aw, man. The road didnít get any easier while we were waiting.
These whoops were a lot of fun 2up.

This sand wasnít bad, though.

We were making good time on this section.

Everything was going really well.

Monkey fighter!

Another flat!

Thatís it. Weíre done.
There was no way we were going to make the guys wait another second.
It was getting late and there was still a long way to go.

Matt told Radek, Bartek and Ceasar to go on ahead.
Radek had the GPS tracks, he could lead them on the rest of the course.
We would go on to the next meet up point (where Scott was waiting).

That was a deep spot!

MediumWan stayed with us.
We would ride as much of the course as we could...
but, if it got too dark for his meager light, we could always take a detour.

Matt checked the tire, but couldnít find any obvious source of the flat.
It wasnít a pinch flat or anything - this had been a puncture of some type.

After seeing how Ceasarís tire had been pierced by those tiny rocks,
it seems plausible that something sharp went through the tire
(maybe here in the crack?)
and cut the tube.

Total Flat count -

Matt - 2

Scott - 2

Ceasar - 1

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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