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Originally Posted by DavidD View Post
Wot he said...........

You can spend loads on these bikes, depending on your needs, tastes and budget. Do a search on here and there are loads of threads covering all manner of mods and 'farkles'.........

But honestly, it is good to go - just ride and get to know it before you start spending your money.

I would only bother with a side stand relocator and a different sump guard if you do serious off-road - and by that I mean rocky single track and rocky jeep trails. If you are just riding gravel roads, muddy tracks and fire-breaks the bike is fine as standard.

That said I have loads of mods to my bike, but the best ones are the replacement Akrapovic exhausts - the standard ones run hot and weigh loads and the bike seems to breathe better with the Akra's on - it certainly sounds better I'm sure other brands will do a similar job. I also have heated grips, the metal radiator guard and pivot pegz, among other things.

But as I say, its a personal choice and you need to get to know your bike first.

Hope you enjoy it and get the buzz we all do........
Some have cracked their engine cases just by getting on or off a loaded bike w/o the side stand relocator. Somewhere in here is a story of a guy who hit a rock with the stock side stand setup and cracked his case. New cases are thousands. So on that point, I'll respectfully disagree. It's worth the $80 or so to get that sorted up front.
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