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Originally Posted by motolab View Post
I would not ride the bike at all until the issue is resolved.
yup - if that float valve is leaking .. then it's most likely doing it whilst the bike is running as well as when it's sitting still. If it's leaking faster than the engine's using fuel (eg. at idle or v low revs) then simply switching the tap off when not running is not stopping the fuel from leaking into the oil.

Fuel in the oil is bad for all sorts of reasons (reduced lubrication, cooling etc even a low risk of an explosion is present) ... fuel leaking back through your air filter is also bad for all sorts of reasons (which might happen if you stop on an incline etc) ...

Plus .. it might get worse and you could finish up stranded :(

The risk of something bad happening is probably low if you turn the tap off every time the bike's not running. Any leaks whilst the engine's running will probably just get burned off as it dribbles into the cylinder .. in my opinion, it's not worth the risk though.

Still it's probably too late to mention all this as you've probably already gone!

cheers (hope it went okay),
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