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Originally Posted by freefall109 View Post
Any edumacated guesses on how much a difference it would on the left (Non exhaust) side?

Thanks for the feedback, Rob. You have definitely got a quality product on your hands and I like that someone is splitting the difference between TT's market with what seems like a superior product. They'd better get back to the drawing board now that you are in the game. Not to mention you offer a military Discount and some unnamed other does not.....thanks by the way!

I am sold on the Panniers. I am just not completely sold on the HB "lock-it" Rack. I like how they have made it detachable, just don't know how important that is to me. I want to closest fit allowing the back to be as narrow as possible. If the GSA is 39", then 42" on my T800 or your F800 is too much IMHO. Lot's of room for improvement there.

Can you provide us Tiger owners a distance between mounting points on the HB rack as shown below (forgive my use of TT but your website doesn't have a rear view of the HB rack)?

As a rack expert yourself, do you know what the 35/45 Globe trotter Panniers width would be on a TT Rack?


Great question, Bo. The widths of each pannier are as follows:

35L - ~8.6 Inches
45L - ~11 Inches

For comparison sake, the Touratech panniers are 8.5, 9.5, and 11.5" for the 31, 38, and 45 respectively, per here. Assuming that the Tiger 800 width is 42", the width of the HB rack is 22.4 inches.

Using the 38/45 TT pannier kit as base (also at 42") we can calculate the width of the TT rack out to be about 21", and the GlobeScout panniers on a TT rack to be about 40.5" You can mount the GlobeScouts on any flat sided rack, such as a TT, Holan, or Happy Trail setup.

Does that help? I hope so! I need a beer after all of that math...
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