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Originally Posted by SantaFeTrailer View Post
Either way, a damn long distance to push a bike. (of course, they are lighter and so easier to push when out of gas)
What I was thinking was, how close do you tend to cut it and how much extended range do you want to be worth carrying fuel...and then how much fuel.

One time on a road trip I had planned my first gas stop at a crossroads station I new about out in Flattin Rabbit Nebraska or somplace. It was close to my maximum range on a 6 gallon tank. It's rolling country and as I get close I see this smoke column from over a hill. I crest the hill and there my station, still smoking and nobody around. Burned out motorhome in what was left of a gas bay. Sombody didn't turn a pilot light off. I usually don't worry about gas on the road, hard to go 50 miles without a station. Except this route and running out to my max range. I made it to the next station running on fumes and entreaties to Allah. Now I have a little over 8 gallons in 3 onboard tanks...and a liter for the stove if I need it. 375-400 mile range. Mostly I use the range to buy cheap gas and skip the expensive places before the next cheap gas.
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