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Originally Posted by Carlo Muro View Post
She came home in tears. This was my idea. She's logged thousands of miles behind me but has never thrown a leg over the driver's seat - of any motorcycle. She drives a manual transmission so she understands the concept of clutch, gearshift, etc.

Since they are calling for a possible snowstorm later this weekend they had condensed the course into four hours on Friday evening and 12 hours on Saturday. She said she felt rushed and couldn't get the riding exercises down before they would move on to the next one.

She was the only woman in the class.

Did I push too hard? Is this not the place to learn to ride? I don't know because I never took it (shame on me). I got some basic proficiency in a farm field and then took rode through the cones at the DMV.
No shame on you for not taking the course. Don't get in some kind of a guilt trip about that.

Getting basic proficiency on a farm field, or similar, is the way most people I know started out. I had been riding off road for more than four years before I did the test to get my motorcycle licence.

It at all possible, give her the same opportunity to take her time to learn at her own pace. As a tertiary level teacher, I don't actually "teach" very much. It is more about facilitating learning than teaching as such.
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