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Sunday 3/24/13, continued.

The shadows were getting long. Time to hit the road.

Looking back.

This is the last of my pics/video.

It got dark quickly.
After that point, we were just looking for the next highway crossing and our meetup with Scott.
Rick had filled up in Mina, but still almost ran out of gas.
He had to stop and knock the bike over to get to the secret stash...
and pretty much made it to the truck on fumes.

It was completely dark by the time we got to the next pit.
Good thing Matt had it marked on the GPS.
Scott saw us though, and was flashing his lights.
He was so happy to see us - now he could start drinking beer!
(thank you, Scott! I know that cooler was very tempting).


So, I didn’t realize it at the time, but this wasn’t the right screen. It was still navigating.
The number on top is “distance to the next turn”
not “trip odometer”

Our total miles for the day - about 250.

We were hanging out with Goggles, enjoying some cold ones, when the phones started ringing...

Oh shit!
Ceasar had run out of gas on the trail.
(I’ve made a huge tiny mistake)

He was sitting out there in the dark, but Radek and Bartek were on their way to us.
Without a GPS, Cesar had no idea where he was or how far he was from the pit.
But he knew he was close - when he left, he had had just enough fuel to make it...
And now, he was out of fuel.

BigWan sighed.
Roadside assistance, on its way!
He put a bunch of gas in one of the cans and strapped it on the back of the bike.

Just as he got to the trail, he ran into Radek and Bartek.
They said Ceasar was only 6 miles back.
What they neglected to add was that it was 6 miles of deep sand and silt...
Thanks, guys.

I think they were just happy to be off the course.

Here’s a couple screen shots from Radek’s helmet cam.

It must have sucked finding a barbed wire gate!

I think they got a little lost, too.
It’s easy to miss trail turnoffs in the dark...

Poor Smartek was starving!
We were WAY past feeding time.
Here he is, ripping the head off one of the bananas.
He tore through them, just squeezing the goop into his mouth
instead of taking the time to peel them and bite.

It was a huge relief when we finally heard Matt and Ceasar...
Now that all riders were accounted for, we could breathe easy.

After loading up the bikes, everyone was happy be in a nice warm truck.
Until, that is, we realized it was going to be at least 2 more hours of driving
before we got to Scott’s house...

It was 11:30 when we got to a town. Almost everything was closed.
This burger king was closed, except for the drive in.
Drive in with a trailer?
The workers reluctantly let the guys in to get take out.

It was about 2am when we got back to Scott’s place.
Everyone was wiped.
We chatted a bit and then it was off to bed.

The next morning started with coffee. Delicious coffee.

And video.
We wanted to swap GoPro footage with Radek and check out some photos.

Matt wasn’t looking forward to breaking into the Honda trunk...

But, taking it off the trailer must have dislodged whatever had jammed the latch.
This morning, he gave it one last try (before he started tearing things apart)...
And the trunk simply popped open!

Son of a biscuit!

The important thing was that it was open.
You know what that means -
Sausages for breakfast!

Bartek made sure everything was perfect...

It was sooo good...
Breakfast of champions!

Thank you, Smartek!

Speaking of Smartek,
here he is, practicing his riding stance in Scott’s garage...

So, this Mitas E-09... The Flat Maker.
It was really good in the sand, but just didn’t last.
This is pic is after 500 miles. At best, this is a 1000 mile tire (for us).
For $150 (plus shipping from Canada), it should be better.

The only bad thing about this weekend was losing my favorite riding sweater.
JustPaul calls it my “grandma sweater.”
But I loved that thing! I got it at Goodwill for less than a dollar.
It’s been on every ride since 2008 and was the best mid layer, ever.

(oregon, 2010. on the TAT)

I checked the Ridgeline, I checked Radek’s truck...
No luck.

bye, sweater.
(edit - this was the hugest tiny mistake of the whole trip! )

It was starting to get late and Radek had to go all the way back to Canada...

The guys dropped the trailer and got ready to go.

Bye Radek, Bye Ceasar!
Thanks for riding with us!

Unfortunately, we didn’t think about doing a group photo until they were gone.
Sorry, guys.

Here’s a partial group pic.
yes, that’s a metal goat (don’t ask me - ask Scott).

We had a 4+ hour drive, after a quick Goodbye...
(thank you Scott! Gracias for driving, grazie for hosting! You’re the best. )

Then, we were on the road.

Stopped and dropped MediumWan off in Sacramento.
Thanks, Rick! We’re so glad you made it!

By this time, it was past feeding time (again)...
Smartek found the perfect Mexican place.
The food was muy rico.
He was on that burrito like Bartek on a taco!

needless to say, we'll be seeing El Smartek again...

OK - that's it. Another ride (and ride report) is in the books.
Done and doner.
Whew. I'll be taking a nice long break from ADV after this.

Thanks for reading (all 10 of you )!

Smell ya later!
the Wans

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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